Affiliate Program

All BBQ Supermarket Affiliates are required to complete the agreement and remain in compliance with these terms. This list contains everything you need to know to be a BBQ Supermarket Affiliate, including resources, recommendations, and some legal instruments.

Getting Started


As BBQ Supermarket Affiliate you have a personal account at your disposal. You can find all the statistical information about your affiliate activity, in particular, referrals, payouts, visits, etc. there.


Access your BBQ Supermarket account, proceed to Affiliate area, and grab your unique URL from here.

Need anything else?

If you have any questions or need anything else, feel free to reach out to the team at [email protected]

BBQ Supermarket promotion


Promote BBQ Supermarket on Social Media
Write about us in your blogs and articles
Create educational BBQ Supermarket video tutorials
Place the BBQ Supermarket logo and banners on your website
Send your affiliate link to your email subscribers

Do not!

Don’t provide the false advertising of BBQ Supermarket in any manner
Don’t change our logo or banners
Don’t use your affiliate link for your own purchases
Don’t offer unofficial or terminated discount & coupon codes
Don`t use any keywords related to BBQ Supermarket brand in paid advertising

How much?

You get 5% of every successful BBQ purchase and 2% on other items. The minimum payment that can be processed is £100.


Usually, the payment is made during the first 15 business days of the month that comes after the month which covers the 30 days money-back guarantee. Only after the guarantee expires the purchase is considered to be successful.


We’ll contact you to do a Direct Bank Transfer


BBQ Supermarket Branding

Don’t modify or adjust the BBQ Supermarket wordmark or logo in any sort of marketing material you might create, including the production of any visual badges.

Buying Ads

Don’t purchase ads that direct to your site(s) or through an affiliate link that could be considered as competing with BBQ Supermarket’s advertising. That included, but not limited to, our branded keywords (words and phrases that contain BBQ Supermarket, Monolith, Oz Pig, BBQ Guru.).

Tracking Sales

Only affiliate links can be used to track sales. Incorrect usage of affiliate links will cause the inability to track referrals.

BBQ Supermarket uses cookies to collect the information needed to award the commission.

Note! Affiliate cookies set for all unique customers only. It means that the sale would count only if the customer came on the BBQ Supermarket website for the very first time.

Promo Codes

All personal BBQ Supermarket discount codes are connected to relevant affiliate links. It means that a discount code can be used only if a customer is redirected to BBQ Supermarket website via your personal affiliate link (Please note that the link, as well as the promo code, must belong to the same affiliate).

Sharing Placements

When requested, you’ll share the places you’ve used your affiliate link. This includes, but is not limited to, links, screenshots, and email sends.

Changing Privacy Policy

In some cases, the company remains the right to change the Privacy Policy without notice.